Hardwired by Meredith Wild

Hardwired - Meredith Wild

Genre: Romance, Erotica, New Adult, 
The Cover: 8/10—there is a beauty in it’s simplisticity 
Writing: 9.5/10 — Wild is very good and pulling us into her world…the problem is I’ve been there before. 
Heroine: 7/10— Erica managed not to lose her mind whenever Blake was not around her…sometimes. She had some backbone to her…some.
Romance: 7/10 
Sexiness: 8/10
Over All Story 4/10— This was where it died for me 

Have you ever gone to the movies and half way through the showing you guess the whole send act of it? In fact you are so good at guessing that other people in the movie are glaring at you? That’s the point where you look around a realize everyone is in a trance….they all love it and are on cloud nine flouting to smut heaven while your left on the ground…alone. Yea well that’s kind of how I feel about Hardwire. Scrolling down all I see are 4 and 5 stars and I utterly did not have the same reaction. 

Everything was predictable and hardwire has nothing new to offer readers other then steamy seems that pop up all over the place but add little to the plot, I’m not sure if there really was one. If there was it was weak enough that I did not notice. 
Like I said above Erica was strong…but it was like she was bipolar. She doesn’t want Blake to control her but OMG he is so HOT….WILD SEX…..Blake stop being so possessive….WILD SEX. Sigh. And it goes on and on. Blake is just like every other billionaire erotic hero; emotional damaged, sex crazed, with side of controlling and possessive tenancies, and dash of self-loathing. 


Who do they Erica and Blake remind you of? What is that book everyone is crazy about? 60 Spades Of Bacon? No that’s not right? Shifty Fades Of Day?
It will come back to me. 

That book was pretty much a one trick pony. I’ve read it and I don’t want to read another version of it especially not for $8.99 when I got it. Luckily for you all its now down to $4.99US and 2.99€

I could go on but in all honesty I am just done with this….but if you like 50 Shades Shay then I guess check it out.

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