Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Oh, Colleen Hoover

I am not worthy! I’m supposed to be working on finals right now but instead I’m like…

Where do I begin? I’m don’t even know I’m just spinning around trying to gather my thoughts.

The Cover: 8/10—it’s different but kind of the same.
Writing: 9.5/10
Heroine: 9.5/10—Sydney was so kind and sweet and not in a stupid kind of away. 
Romance: 20/10 
Sexiness: 10/10 

“Hey, Heart. Are you listening? You and I are officially at war.” 

Maybe Someday is a toe curling, notebook like, make you dance in the rain romance. It’s all about chance encounters, (serendipity), and how true love can over come almost anything….and it does it without being dumbing down the issues that plague both of the MCs. It’s deep, passionate and just….a story by Colleen Hoover…I mean need I say more? 

Well I’m going to. 


I know right a sexy MC that isn’t a emotionally stunted and pushes the woman he is supposed to be with away every second but then tries to kiss them. I could not believe it but it’s true. Ridge is not an ass. He is amazingly sweet. On top of that he has morals and truly believes in loyalty. What makes this even MORE amazing is he has dealt with so much shit in his life but he just rises above it. 

The more I read about him the more I kept think there was no way Sydney was going to be worthy of him. But believe me I was wrong. She was a tad bit needy but then again I couldn’t blame her. What I liked even more was the fact that she had back bone and she took responsibility for own actions. 

Lol I think I’m over doing the gifs but whatever I’m in love. 

Anyway when Sydney’s boyfriend of two years cheats on her with her best friend (SLUT) she doesn’t know where to go. She’s heartbroken. Good thing she as a neighbor like Ridge just waiting on the doorstep for her. He doesn’t know much about her other then that she listens to him play sometimes. To him she is a muse. 

Through music they connect. 

“Some people believe their souls are compatible with more than one person, and I’m beginning to understand how true that might be.” 

While their relationship/friendship grows I was conflicted because I wanted them to stay friends but I also wanted them together. 

The only I warning I will give is that there is a hint of a love triangle. So that my turn off some people. 

“Maybe not right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But maybe someday.”