Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Gracia Williams

Reasonable Doubt - Whitney Gracia Williams


So I’m in love with this book! I was not sure if I wanted to read this because it’s only 78pages. :( After reading this I wish I had waited until the whole Reasonable Doubt series to be over. :( I’m not going to read the other books until the whole series is done… (that’s a lie.) I’m so CONFLICTED!

Andrew lives one motto:
One dinner. One night. No repeats.

He is a player no if’s no buts. All he wants is to get in your pants, a booty call, stretch an itch, get a release…you all get the point. 

He’s a lawyer which is ironic because he hates those who lie. (I mean are lawyer notorious for that?) 

He doesn’t have many friends either but he does have one dirty mouth. That’s right ladies step right up and just hand over your panties. 

“I’ve been looking forward to fucking the woman who teased me every night for nearly six months,” 

Who is this luckily woman? 

Well Andrew has spent months talking to another lawyer Alyssa, on a chatroom. Since then he has only opened himself to her. She doesn’t want anything from him and he finds that sex. 

But when he finds out his Alyssa is actually his new intern Aubrey all types of sexual sparks fly! 

This story is hot, sexy and should not be read around people you wish to respect you. After this story I had to umm re-learn how to breathe….and walk….

Everyone should find a nice, private room to go sit down and enjoy this!