Love, Lex by Avery Aster

Love, Lex: (The Undergrad Years #1) New Adult Contemporary Romance - Avery Aster


The Cover: 8/10—The point of a cover is to catch my attention and it does that!
Writing: 8.5/10 —I could find no faults in the writing other then how simple it was. 
Heroine: 4.5/10— Alexandra ‘Lex’ Easton GETs ON MY NERVES 
Romance: 6/10 
Sexiness: 5/10
Over All Story 6/10— I will explain 

Alexandra ‘Lex’ Easton, is the child of two mega star musicians and if you have ever watched Nashville, having famous parents just sucks. Lex’s mother is basically a pill-popping alcoholic who only really cares about her own career and screwing around. Lex’s father is pretty much out of the picture. So our heroine is left to make her own family of misfits in the forms of her friends Viv, Blake, and Taddy. They all did time in Juvie.

The beginning of this book kind of had a Gossip Girl vibe going on, where all the teens just seemed to burn through cash, get drunk and sleep around…Well everyone but Lex, of course. She is a virgin and she’s DYING to swipe her card with her boyfriend Kelly, while she is in Paris for her eighteenth birthday…nothing says rich like flying out to a club in the City of Lights. 

This seems simple right? 


You see authors do this thing where they want to make their book edgy and blow readers minds by adding random plot twist and drama bombs all over the bloody place. Don’t get me wrong I like fictional drama as much as the next person. However there is an art to it. You have to have the right balance or it starts feeling like a telenovela or soup opera. 


Well Lex’s mother is actually sleeping with Kelly. 

But it’s okay I guess since Kelly is an ASSHOLE who would not sleep with Lex because she was to “fat” for him…Ummm why in the hell are they together then? He puts her down and makes Lex feel like shit but she just takes it.

So what is a girl to do when she finds out her mother is screwing with her boyfriend? 

That’s right Lex get’s so pissed she gets all the pictures of her and Kelly goes into the bathroom and lights them on fire in the tub….which leads to the house burning down when she runs away from home.

BUT WAIT there is more because we still need a super sexy guy for Lex to fall in love with! 

Enter in the cop, Officer Ford Gotti, who has to come arrest her for arson and attempted murder! Ford is tattooed, young, beautiful…blah blah blah and Lex wants him BAD….

(Inner me one: I thought she was heartbroken five second ago?)
(Inner me two: the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.)

I won’t even bother explaining what happens next because we a know. Lex and Ford dance around each other. Ford wants her to trust him ten seconds into meeting him…I mean why not he is hot. Lex is always thinking about sex and how to save her but going to jail….

By the end I wanted to burn the book because this was not what I expected to read.