Everlasting Sin by J.S. Cooper

Everlasting Sin by J.S. CooperEverlasting Sin by J.S. Cooper 
Published by J.S. Cooper on 2014-03-18 
Genres: ContemporaryFiction,Romance 
Pages: 117 
Format: eBook 

New standalone novel from New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author J. S. Cooper Hudson Blake Tattooed. Hot. My best friend's brother. Off-limits, except for that one night. That One Night Cannot be spoken of. Cannot be thought of. Cannot allow myself to daydream. Daydream That I'm going to become someone. That he can see me as someone. Someone To love. To forget. To believe. To taste. To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for all.

This is new adult contemporary romance standalone book. **No cliffhangers**


So if you look at the book cover and then my choices for the MCs then you can see the disconnect in my mind. I think this book was supposed to be edgy or something but at the end of the day all I felt was annoyance. Honestly I do not even want to waste time writing this review! I don’t like writing bad reviews. I never know were the line is before I truly come off mean. But I wasted time reading this book and I hope to spare you all the trouble.

So why do I hate this? 

Again upon look at the title and the cover I was prepared for something dark and edgy! But no I was HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, CHEATED! Not only was this book unbelievable but the amount of cheesiness in this could put rats into comas!

Riley meets when Hudson when she is 6 and not only is he mean but also pinches her. So what does Riley’s mom do? She takes her daughter to his house and asks him to protect her. But that was still at the beginning at the book. So I just let it pass. 

Then the stupidity came in. 

The author wanted us to believe that Riley was so damn innocent….if fact all of the characthers were just so damn stupid. 

Tell me what kind of teenager doesn’t know what the hell a French kiss is? Or an adult that doesn’t know want anal sex is? What in the hell? Fine I’ll give you that one maybe you haven’t ever listened to rap or talked to a guy. Fine whatever. But every bloody sexual joke goes over your head? Everyone? 

Riley you read romance books!


Why does being a bad boy mean being an asshole to the girls you like? In my head he was just acting tuff…there was nothing to him.

But I could have gotten over this if there was some damnCHEMISTRY….I’m not sure what the sin was? If there was anything that made me like them as a couple! They can both kick rocks for all I care. 

If you like useless drama that does nothing, wana-be bad boys and enough chessy lines to make you sick then please go read.